Shaanxi Starnet shows new look in April
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Everything recovered and entered a beautiful spring. Shaanxi Starnet also showed its new look.

In order to support the company's healthy and sustainable development, and establish the company's brand image and standardize the spirit of employees, new uniforms and badges have been introduced from April 1, 2020, according to the company new policy.

The administrative personnel department has a special person to carry out inspections every day, and the results are notified to the company and various departments.

  Shaanxi Starnet shows new look in AprilShaanxi Starnet shows new look in April                

At the beginning, some colleagues forgot to wear the uniforms and work badges, but under the supervision of colleagues in the administrative personnel department every day, everyone gradually developed a habit. Step into the office in the morning, first change work clothes, wear a badge, and then put in a day's work.

The development of habits requires the help and dedication of colleagues in the Administration and Personnel Department. Their perseverance, meticulousness, and      acceptance of the character won praise!

Thanks to the colleagues of the administrative personnel department!

To implement the brand, we need to change together!