Xiamen Warehouse Group Construction
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Year-end tail activities

      The Xiamen warehouse project achieved good results in 19 years. In order to further enhance team cohesion, it also gave the team a chance to release pressure and relax. It was also an opportunity to reward, so that everyone can feel the company's training and care for the team. With the approval of the company's leadership, This year's 19-year group building activity has arranged year-end pigtails. The Xiamen team specially invited the head office leaders and colleagues to participate.

Special guests: Liu Feng, Pan Dong, Chen Haobo, Liu Xiaoying, Huang Huaping, Fu Lingdan, Wang Zhongwei.

Xiamen Warehouse Group Construction

      The main content of this event:

      I. Outreach activities

      The glass slide and glass suspension bridge slide down from the 40m drop, which is still full of excitement to people, so that you can fully feel the relaxation and satisfaction after the intense stimulation.

Xiamen Warehouse Group Construction

      In the kumquat garden, everyone picks joyfully and enjoys the joy of fruits, especially the fragrant and sweet kumquat entrance. Everyone feels that they are not afraid of being tired and not afraid of suffering. They are only afraid of the blue sky after exhaustion. Strive for the best comfort.

Xiamen Warehouse Group Construction

      Visit the winery craftsmanship, learn about winemaking secrets, rigorous craftsmanship. For the health of our customers, every effort and earnestness is worth it, and it should be respected.

      The day passed quickly, and the dinner at the end of the year was very generous, which was also a tribute to colleagues who had worked hard for a year.

In order to reward the hard-working colleagues, the company specially arranged the hot spring hotel. After dinner, you can relax well.

Reunion is always short. Cheerful group building activities always end faster than imagined. After the fun, everyone immediately arranges the next day's work schedule. Yes, work is the most important and most important. Passionate!