Unite to fight against the epidemic
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Enterprises are duty-bound to prevent and control the epidemic. Under the leadership of Wu Lieyi, General Manager of Datech-Starnet, the two sides are in charge of prevention and control of internal epidemic situation and resumption of production, and actively provide assistance to customers in Wuhan to ensure that donated materials are sent to the Hubei epidemic battlefield as soon as possible.

In the Spring Festival of 2020, a new virus broke out and all units could not resume work due to the epidemic. Sysmex donated a batch of medical instruments to Wuhan Lei Shenshan Hospital due to the epidemic. After being informed, Committee member Wu Lieyi immediately organized the Datech-Starnet Import and Export Business Department to actively cooperate with Waigaoqiao Customs staff to work overtime to clear customs and arrange delivery. Beginning in mid-February, after knowing that overseas Chinese donations were blocked, General Manager Datech-Starnet Wu Lieyi and the Chinese Association of Greater Cincinnati immediately donated materials to a designated hospital in Hubei. In order to ensure normal customs clearance procedures and deliver the donated materials to the Hubei epidemic area as soon as possible, Mr. Wu gave instructions to the departments of Datech-Starnet: provide free customs declaration and transportation services immediately, and be sure to deliver the donated materials in a timely manner. Through the concerted efforts of various departments of the company, the coordination of various parties, and the active cooperation of the customs clearance department, 800 pieces of protective clothing, 2000 3 level masks / N95 masks and other donated materials totaling more than 30,000 yuan were successfully delivered to Wuhan, Yichang, Hubei, Suizhou and other places do their utmost to provide help for the frontline medical staff and make contributions to winning the epidemic prevention and war against the virus.

Unite to fight against the epidemic

 Unite to fight against the epidemic

Unite to fight against the epidemicUnite to fight against the epidemic