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        After the Spring Festival with COVID-19 virus, in order to meet the needs of normal production operation, Datech-Starnet takes the State Council and Shanghai Municipality's work instructions for the prevention and control of COVID-19 as the guideline, attaches great importance to the prevention and control of COVID-19, and actively exerts its role in the prevention and control of the epidemic, the Shanghai Yaheng Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. established a new leading group for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus, and formulated the 'prevention and control plan for the prevention of new tube pneumonia', which is safe and orderly under the premise of ensuring the health of employees Resumption of work resumed.

       The company has the courage to take responsibility, and the employees are willing to contribute. Due to the impact of the epidemic, emergency measures such as traffic control and quarantine were taken in various places, and foreign personnel could not return to work on time. The shortage of manpower has become the biggest problem for many companies to resume work and resume production. Datech-Starnet, under the overall arrangement of the general manager and the heads of various companies and departments, employees actively cooperate to go to the front-line positions to do their best, and practice Yaheng people's responsibilities and responsibilities with actual actions.

坚守岗位 攻坚克难

坚守岗位 攻坚克难

        Pan Dong works in the transportation dispatching position in Shanghai. In order to ensure the normal operation of the company's business during the epidemic, when the customer's demand for receiving and shipping increased after the resumption of work, he volunteered and took the initiative to undertake cross-department and job-type tasks. In order to allow customers to donate supplies in Wuhan as soon as possible, he immediately went to the warehouse to pack and tally, and drove a forklift to ship. At the same time, Pan Dong also proactively contacted all customers to understand their needs and assisted Xiamen and Huangchang warehouses to dispatch vehicles. Pan Dong resolved the shortage of manpower for the company with a spirit of breakthrough and dedication, and ensured that all the company's business was normal during the epidemic.

坚守岗位 攻坚克难

        Sheng Lianbing, as a major worker of the transportation dept. also served as the dispatcher. To ensure that the transportation dept. resumed work normally, after the Spring Festival, he overcomes the obstacles to traffic jams in his hometown, returned to his post in time, and always insisted on the front line. The shortage of drivers is also a major problem that needs to be solved to restore urban logistics during the epidemic. In order to meet the customer's freight requirements, Sheng Lianbing gave up the rest day and took the initiative to concurrently act as the driver's post in addition to fulfilling his transportation dispatching responsibilities. Due to the impact of the epidemic situation and the shortage of supplies near the residence, Sheng Lianbing always responded with a positive attitude, and insisted on his job even with instant noodles.

Epidemic prevention and control is an invisible war. Datech-Starnet showed a high sense of responsibility and dedication in this battle, as always, to provide customers with quality services and win praise from customers.