Shaanxi Starnet won the "Three Economy" Outstanding Enterprise Award of Xi'an High-tech Zone
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        On February 27, 2020, Xi'an High-tech Official WeChat released the news '42.9 million!' Reward the high-tech zone for outstanding contributions! '. Announced: Six major awards for hard science and technology demonstration units, “Three Economy” outstanding enterprises, advanced manufacturing outstanding enterprises, the award for expanding effective investment, outstanding enterprises for innovation and entrepreneurship, and outstanding rural revitalization enterprises for outstanding contributions in 2019 Business.


        Due to the significant contributions made by our company in economic development in 2019, the Xi'an High-tech Zone has been awarded the honor of “Three Economics” outstanding companies in the High-tech Zone in 2019 after review and selection. An award of 300,000 yuan was awarded for encouragement.


        The following is a list of some award winners:


         In 2019, Starnet of Shaanxi has always practiced the business philosophy and service purpose of providing customers with safe, efficient and reliable services. It has closely followed and implemented the policies of the Xi'an High-tech Zone. At the same time, winning this honor is inseparable from all Shaanxi Starnet people. Hard work and the full support of the head office. In 2020, we will continue to carry forward our achievements, pioneer and innovate, and make greater contributions to speeding up the construction of a world-class science and technology park advanced area and the Greater Xi'an metropolitan area.


        At the beginning of the New Year in 2020, new challenges ushered in. Today, the high-tech zones are working together to fight the epidemic situation, seek opportunities to surpass the crisis, strive to win the war of enterprise development services, and win a total victory of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. The pace of 'walking at the forefront' is more stable and solid, and the role of 'pioneer' is fully demonstrated. Strive hard to win the 'Dagan 123, build the first good district', a comprehensive victory beyond the year. 

      For the development of Greater Xi'an, for the stable growth of the high-tech zone economy, and for the vigorous growth of Jiucang in Shaanxi. 2020, we are on the road!