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      Books record the eternal years and depict the long river of history; books are also the ladder of human progress, pointing us to the direction and future of progress. However, with the passage of time and the diversified development of the media, reading has become unfamiliar to more and more people. In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, implement the idea of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, promote reading, and continue to cultivate party spirit. Under the organization of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Comprehensive Party Committee, all members of the Yaheng Party Branch on August 18, 2019 Participated in 'Magnificent 70 Years, Struggling for a New Era' Book Fair.

      This day coincides with Sunday, the sun is shining, and our party branch comrades came to the meeting point early in the morning to wait for the start of the event. Looking at the long queues lined up at the entrance of the exhibition center early, the hot weather did not stop the readers' enthusiasm, and our mood became excited and yearning.

Reading · Thinking · Life

      Following the team, we stepped into the exhibition hall and saw the assortment of bookshelves. We were in the sea of books. Books containing ancient history, astronomy, geography, and humanities are all available. The text shows the people the historical changes and cultural development. The exhibition also arranged various activities for readers to meet with writers, sell new bookmarks and other activities. The writers and scholars came to the scene to share experiences and share experiences with the readers, which has repeatedly led us to stop and watch in front of each publishing house, lingering and feeling To the collision of thoughts again and again.

      We unknowingly came to the center of the exhibition hall, and a dazzling coordinate suddenly appeared in front of us. The engraved theme of the book fair in 2019 also showed the biggest highlight of the book fair. Looking at the surrounding bookshelf and a book, 'This is China', 'Iron Blood Power', 'The 70 Years of Enduring Progress in New China', etc., these book titles have moved and impressed us, and The simple, nine-character word 'Magnificent 70 Years, Struggling for a New Era' is an abbreviation of the content of this book fair event, showing us the tremendous changes in China over the past 70 years. It is also sent to the organizers and authors. We progress, and reading can change the future.

Reading · Thinking · Life

      When we came to the stairs to go to the second floor exhibition area, the scene in front of us shook us even more. Both sides of the steps were filled with readers, including students, authors of workers, and old men with gray hair. They stood beside them with bags of books they bought this time, looking at them with interest. Although the people around them come and go, they have invaded the sea of books and totally forgot about themselves. Looking at them, our hearts gradually became calm, and the noise around us gradually calmed down.

     The event was nearing the end, and the party members of the branch had learned a lot. They purchased books that they had been paying attention to for a long time and began to formulate reading plans for themselves. They also felt deeply about the scenes in the book fair. Books are the carrier of civilization, and reading is the way to civilization. The essence of ancient, modern, Chinese and foreign is engraved in a book, and through reading to baptize our thoughts, lead us to find our own goals in life. And if we want to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and inherit the Chinese civilization and history, we should continue to read, open our horizons through reading, and constantly think and explore in order to solve doubts and transform.